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So you are ready to place your bet, and the only choice you have is where to do it. Most of us do our betting on a mobile these days, so as mobile experts we will focus our reviews on the best mobile betting sites and in particular the best mobile betting apps. We will give you the good, and the bad, so that you can make the best choices in which bookmaker you will choose.

We will also give you a link to sign up to these bookmakers, to make it as easy as possible for you to get going.

Bet2Go - Betting and Odds Comparison App

Of course we are going to review our own site and app, which is probably the most integrated app you can find on the market. With one simple click you can see all of the balances you have with seven of the bookies, the only exception being Bet365.

The app shows odds for pretty much every sport, and every market so you should be able to find the bet you want to place, and do that inside the app. It is very fast so you can have your bet on within seconds of opening the app. There is no need for multiple logins.

It is also possible to find best odds on accumulators. Just build the ACCA you want to place and see which bookmaker offers the best odds on your selection. Everything from double to Goliath is catered for.

You can also deposit money and withdraw your winnings inside the app.

There are a couple of very nice features that make this app stand out. Because you register with them you can open bookmaker accounts for a number of them by just going to place a bet. It will ask you if you want to open it and seconds later, that has been done, and your bet has been placed. The other really nice feature is that you can see all of the bets you placed.

Star rating: 8/10

Best feature: really quick to get the bet on, and at the best price on the market

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One of the biggest and best-known sports betting companies, the Stoke based operator (and sponsor of the local football team) operates online only. The app is highly rated amongst its users and we can see why. It is fast, and has a huge amount of markets to bet on.

Registration is fairly straightforward, there are no special annoying features to worry about. Once you are in you are faced with a fairly busy home screen that shows some promotions that they may have, a scroll bar to get to the sport you are interested in and a few bets that show the bigger events coming up, whether you are interested or not.

The bottom of the page shows a lot of the live in-play bets. Bet365 is well known for having a huge number of in-play bets, and the app is fast enough to place your best in time.

You can scroll left or right, and up or down to move around many of the screens which makes it easy to use. It is a clean looking app, which is only affected by the enormous number of bets that are offered, making navigation a bit difficult at times.

Star rating: 8/10

Star feature: really huge amount of bets that can be placed very quickly


William Hill is another one of the ‘old’ high street bookies who are making a big splash online, and particularly mobile. They have just released a new version of their website and mobile app, and it is a very nice looking one.

On mobile they are not straying very far from the established format used by other bookmakers. At the top of the page there are banners with promotions, enticing you with enhanced odds or other incentives, followed by a scroller to choose a sport, or in William Hill’s case also a casino type game, and when you scroll up you find a long list of bets that are relevant for the day.

The app is reasonably quick, and if you know your way around a sportsbook, finding your bets and adding them to a betslip is not too difficult.

Hills have an interesting feature that we are already seeing at more bookies with #yourodds. They invite you to tweet a bet you would like to place, that is unusual and not offered normally, for example on a ‘ 2 red cards 2-2 draw’, and the people at Hills will price up your bet if they can. If they do, they will add it to a list of requested bets, available for anyone to bet on. So you can scroll down the list, find a whacky bet that appeals to you, and be on it in a flash. This is a feature for someone looking for something different in their betting.

Star rating: 7/10

Star feature: request a wacky bet, or scroll through the list of others that have bene requested and impress your mates with a fun bet that could make you real money.


The Irish bookmaker has always retained its irreverent character, even when a whole load of their ads have been banned in the past for just going a bit too far. Remember the ‘shoot the chav’ ad for Cheltenham? I am sure it is still around somewhere on Youtube.

Again the layout will not provide anyone with a surprise. The slider at the top allows you to move quickly to different sports, or even to games. Perhaps slightly strangely, there are two sliders that have some overlap, which is perhaps not the best use of space.

The next part of the screen is taken up with a scrolling area that shows relevant content of upcoming events. It includes all of the big sports that have events on the day, or over the coming few days.

Paddy does well on open account offers with a very decent free bet, and they offer all of the better specials such as early payouts and regular special conditions.

Overall this is a nice app to play with, and one to recommend

Star rating: 8/10

Best feature: Just quick and no-nonsense betting app that doesn’t try to be too clever or too fancy.


The other one of the better know Irish bookmakers has a decent mobile app, without standing out in terms of design or offering.

There are quick links to the most relevant bets of today, such as today’s horseracing and football, and if you want you can browse through the app, adding your bets as you go, and coming back to the betslip at the end. There you have the choice to place the single bets, or choose any of the accumulators that are possible to make with your selections.

It’s quite quick, although perhaps not the quickest around, but you definitely can’t go wrong with this app.

Star rating: 8/10

Best feature: Constant offers coming in throughout the day on the home page banner


Betfair has a logo, and a colour scheme, that will be familiar to most sports fans. Not many sporting events take place without the Betfair logo coming into view.

Originally started as an exchange, they have gradually worked more and more on becoming a traditional fixed odds bookie as well. Both are excellent, although the exchange can be more tricky to use and if you just want to place a few best at the weekend, we would recommend sticking to the fixed odds site.

The app is really nice, and unusually they give you a choice of signup offers, with a whopping free bet of up to £100 on the fixed odds site.

The app has a really glossy and sharp look, and is absolutely superfast. This is an app that we would use quite regularly, though we would keep an eye on the odds on Bet2go of course, where they are featured as well.

Star rating: 8/10

Best feature: You have a choice of exchange or fixed odds betting, and they are the original inventors of the cash out, so they are probably thinking about the next big thing.


Another one of the traditional bookmakers, familiar to all from the high street, who have made their way into the digital world. Now part of the Ladbrokes/Coral empire, which itself is merged with Sportingbet and BWIN, so we are talking a lot of experience in bookmaking overall.

The app sort of shows what Coral is about: traditional bookmakers, doing the things they have been used to do for ages, but doing it well. Nothing fancy here, no ‘swipe and bet’ action, no gimmicks. Browse the odds, find your bet, set your stake and bang, your bet is placed.

It perhaps runs a bit slower than most, particularly compared to Bet365 and Betfair, but it works. You can pretty well find every bet they do online on their mobile app as well.

If you like traditional, and if you like what Coral stands for, old-fashioned Britishness then this will appeal to you. And nothing wrong with that!

Star rating: 7/10

Best feature: Nothing standout, but good reliability and a full-on app with everything in it..