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Formula 1 2018

Formula 1 2018 News

Pierre Gasly joins Red Bull

Pierre Gasly will replace Daniel Ricciardo at Red Bull next season, Red Bull have announced. The 22-year-old, who drives for Red Bull's Toro Rosso, will line up alongside Max Verstappen in 2019. Australian Ricciardo will leave for Renault at the end of this season. "This incredible opportunity is another step forward in my ambition to win grands prix and compete for world championships," said Gasly. He only made his F1 debut at the Malaysian Grand Prix last October, but has scored 26 points for Toro Rosso this year, with a best finish of fourth in Bahrain. Red Bull have struggled for consistency this year, but have won three races - two by Ricciardo and one by Verstappen. "Red Bull has always looked to fight for championships or victories and that's what I want," added Gasly.

Belgian GP - Spa-Fracorchamps

Belgium's Spa-Francorchamps circuit is among the most historic in Formula One, having hosted a Grand Prix as long ago as 1924, and remains one of the most popular venues with drivers and fans alike. Run on narrow public roads, the original Spa layout was an amazing 14.9 kilometres long and notoriously dangerous. The lap distance was reduced slightly over the years. Spa did not return to the calendar until 1983 and then in drastically revised form, with lap distance cut to just under seven kilometres. Somehow the circuit's magic was retained. Two thirds of the lap used the original layout and the legendary Eau Rouge corner remained intact. Only the new Bus Stop chicane on the run down to La Source drew criticism. More than twenty years on Spa remains the longest circuit on the calendar. The weather is still notoriously changeable (it can often be simultaneously raining on one part of the track and dry on another) and Eau Rouge, with its high speed and sudden elevation change, maintains its reputation as one of Formula One racing's most technically demanding corners.

Carlos Sainz Jr signs a multi-year deal to replace Fernando Alonso

Carlos Sainz has signed a multi-year deal to replace Fernando Alonso at McLaren from the 2019 season, the team have confirmed. Alonso announced on Tuesday that he will retire from Formula 1 at the end of the year. Sainz, 23, is currently on loan at Renault from Red Bull and said it was a "childhood dream" to join McLaren. "I've been a McLaren fan for as long as I can remember," he added. "It's a great name in the sport with an incredible heritage, and the list of drivers that have raced for McLaren over the years are among the heroes of Formula 1. "Fernando is of course one of them, so it's particularly special that I'll be taking his seat as part of the next generation of Spanish racing drivers behind the wheel of a McLaren."

Who will move to Red Bull and McLaren in 2019

With Alonso retiring from F1 this year and Ricciardo moving to Renault it's anyones guess as to who will replace them. Ricciardo announced he would be leaving Red Bull at the end of this season to "take on a fresh and new challenge". Alonso said his decision to leave the sport was to "explore new adventures" and "make a change and move on", probably to go to Indy racing?

So who will replace them? Pierre Gasly for Max Verstappen's partner or could it be Kimi Raikkonen! He is out of contract this year and his seat at Ferrari is being taken by Charles Leclerc. How about Carlos Sainz jnr for a McLaren seat or will he stay in the Red Bull group?

I guess it's just another wait and see in F1!!! Watch this space

Hungarian GP Result

Hamiltons wins in Hungary! After another thriling race, with certainly twists and turns especially with the Valtteri Bottas, Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel incident near the end of the race. Hamilton in a calm and focused drive showed his skill to win easily ahead of Vettel and Raikkonen. Bottas did well to finish 5th after loosing a fair bit of Carbon Fibre from his font wing, in the Ferrari incident, and allowing Vettel to leapfrog both him and Raikkonen into 2nd place..

Both Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel made comments after finishing first and second in Sunday's Hungarian Grand Prix. Hamilton, fresh from a dominant victory was likening the 24-point championship lead he is taking into the summer break to a "dream". Vettel admitted: "Obviously something did not go as we planned." Vettel might as well have been talking about the way the momentum of the championship has turned against him at a time it really ought to have moved his way. Vettel should be going into the four-week gap before the Belgian Grand Prix leading the championship. He isn't must surely be a cause for concern at Maranello. This time last year, Vettel had a 14-point lead, and still managed to lose the championship after hos season unravelled in the Asian races. Now, he is nearly a clear win adrift of Hamilton in their private battle to become the first driver of their generation to win a fifth world championship.

So we are no in the Summer break, just like the MP's!, and Hamilton has a 24 point lead in the Drivers Championship. Mercedes have a 10 point lead in the Constructurs

Final Hungarian Race results are:-

1. Lewis Hamilton

2. Sebastian Vettel

3. Kimi Raikkonen

4. Daniel Ricciardo

5. Valtteri Bottas

6. Pierre Gasly

7. Kevin Magnussen

8. Fernando Alsonso

9. Carlos Sainz Jnr

10. Romain Grosjean

11. Brenden Hartley

12. Nico Hulkenberg

13. Esteban Ocon

14. Sergio Perez

15. Marcus Ericsson

16. Sergey Sirotkin

17. Lance Stroll


Stoffel Vandoorne

Max Vertstappen

Charles LeClerc

Breaking News

Force India will compete in the remainder of the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend after being placed into administration on Friday. In a note addressed to "friends", team co-owner Vijay Mallya said court action was instigated by Force India driver Sergio Perez. Mallya said the team's operating company was the largest creditor, with debts owing of more than £159m. He said he would work to secure the team's future with the administrator. This could mean selling the team to new owners. There are said to be at least three potential buyers considering a purchase of the Silverstone-based outfit.

Mallya wrote in his note: "Our holding company will work with the administrator to take the team out of administration or sell the team at the best possible price." He added that both he and deputy team principal Bob Fernley remained in their positions. Joint Administrator Geoff Rowley, from FRP Advisory LLP, said: "The team will continue to operate as normal, including racing in Hungary this weekend. Our aim is for business as usual while we assess options to secure the future of the team." Perez's action is about unpaid salary. The Mexican's sponsors contribute several millions in sponsorship to the team, out of which the driver is paid. Mallya's note added that title sponsor BWT, an Austrian water company, had "jumped in and claimed that their sponsorship amounts were loans, which is ridiculous as our entire car is pink with BWT branding". On Friday, Force India admitted they faced a "critical period" as financial problems threatened the team. Before the team was put into administration, chief operating officer Otmar Szafnauer said he believed fresh investment in the team was "imminent", and added he is confident if the team went into administration it would come out of it and survive. Let's hope it all get sorted soon so we can have Force India (or whatever the new owner will be) racing again

Hungarian GP Qualifying Day

Lewis Hamilton showed just how good he is in the wet! Taking Pole ahead of his team mate Bottas followed by Raikkonen the Vettel. Ferrari dominated the practice sessions, as the Mercedes drivers struggled with a lack of rear grip in hot, dry conditions, with both spinning at the chicane in final practice. But a rain storm before qualifying doused the track and Hamilton was able to take advantage and what could be a crucial pole on a track where overtaking is notoriously difficult.

The Qualifying results are:-

1. Lewis Hamilton

2. Valtteri Bottas

3. Kimi Raikkonen

4. Sebastian Vettel

5. Carlos Sainz Jnr

6. Pierre Gasly

7. Max Vertstappen

8. Brenden Hartley

9. Kevin Magnussen

10. Romain Grosjean

11. Fernando Alsonso

12. Daniel Ricciardo

13. Nico Hulkenberg

14. Marcus Ericsson

15. Lance Stroll

16. Stoffel Vandoorne

17. Charles LeClerc

18. Esteban Ocon

19. Sergio Perez

20. Sergey Sirotkin

Hungarian GP Practice Day

Sebastian Vettel is the quickest, by only 0.074 seconds, ahead of Max Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo, Kimi Raikkonen, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas.

Sebastian Vettel, who was fastest in that session said: "The qualifying is very important, overtaking is very difficult, if we are ahead after the first corners that will be crucial. The car is pretty good, we can still improve but it has been one of the better Fridays."

Hamilton and his team-mate Valtteri Bottas both made errors on their fastest laps in a car that appeared to lack the final edge of rear grip. Vettel was 0.074 seconds quicker than Max Verstappen's Red Bull, with their team-mates Daniel Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen a couple of 10ths back. Hamilton ended up an unrepresentative 0.753secs off the pace. Had the Mercedes drivers completed their laps, it appeared as if Hamilton could have been around third place on a track where the team were expecting to struggle a little compared to Ferrari.

The second practice results are:-

1. Sebastian Vettel

2. Max Vertstappen

3. Daniel Ricciardo

4. Kimi Raikkonen

5. Lewis Hamilton

6. Valtteri Bottas

7. Romain Grosjean

8. Carlos Sainz Jnr

9. Pierre Gasly

10. Esteban Ocon

11. Sergio Perez

12. Fernando Alsonso

13. Kevin Magnussen

14. Nico Hulkenberg

15. Brenden Hartley

16. Marcus Ericsson

17. Antonio Giovinazzi

18. Lance Stroll

19. Stoffel Vandoorne

20. Sergey Sirotkin

The first practice results are:-

1. Daniel Ricciardo

2. Sebastian Vettel

3. Max Vertstappen

4. Kimi Raikkonen

5. Lewis Hamilton

6. Valtteri Bottas

7. Romain Grosjean

8. Nico Hulkenberg

9. Carlos Sainz Jnr

10. Kevin Magnussen

11. Pierre Gasly

12. Fernando Alsonso

13. Brenden Hartley

14. Lance Stroll

15. Esteban Ocon

16. Stoffel Vandoorne

18. Sergio Perez

17. Antonio Giovinazzi

18. Sergey Sirotkin

19. Marcus Ericsson

Hungarian GP Review

Hungary is the last stop on the F1 tour before the summer break. The Hungaroring was Vettel's domain 12 months ago as he hung on to win a tense race under pressure from team-mate Kimi Raikkonen and a valiant attack by Hamilton. A 14-point advantage was in the hands of Ferrari back then - before the season took a turn for the worse in Asia.

Red Bull say Daniel Ricciardo will avoid grid penalties at the Hungarian Grand Prix despite his retirement on Sunday. The Australian was given a penalty in Hockenheim for using excessive replacement engine parts. His retirement with an engine problem in Germany then raised questions as to whether he would receive a further penalty at the Hungaroring. But a Red Bull spokesman said the team did not expect to be taking penalties. He said the part that failed would be "replaced with one of our quota", which means a used part that still has life in it, thus avoiding the need for a new part and an additional penalty. Ricciardo took in Germany what is known in F1 as a "tactical penalty".

So who will be on the podium at the Hungaroring? Will it be Hamilton or Vettel? or perhaps a Red Bull, since Hungary is one of three main tracks where Red Bull hope their car's characteristics - specifically high levels of aerodynamic downforce - will offset the lack of performance of their Renault engine compared with those of Mercedes and Ferrari. One was Monaco, where Ricciardo won; Hungary is another, and the third is Singapore in September.

It will be interesting to see who comes out on top! Overtaking at this circuit is not for the faint hearted so never fear it's going to be another nail-biter I am sure.

German GP Race

Lewis Hamilton wins the German GP at Hochenheim!

In a day of drama with Rain, Crashes, Team Confusion and a Stewards Enquiry, Lewis Hamilton wins the German GP and is now 17 points ahead of rival Sebastian Vettel. Vettel crashed out when it started to rain, in his words "a silly mistake" right in front of 10,000 German fans. Ooops!

Lewis Hamilton reflected on a "most emotional, unbelievable day" as he kept his German Grand Prix win after an investigation into a driving offence. Hamilton cut across the grass to rejoin the track and take the lead after a late decision to abort a pit stop, clearly mercedes had some confusion as to what to do. Stewards took into account mitigating factors in a chaotic part of the race and issued a reprimand. They could have imposed a 5 or 10 second penalty which would have meant Hamilton would be placed second behind Bottas.

F1 rules dictate that "crossing the line separating the pit entry and the track by a car entering the pit lane is prohibited". Race stewards said that although Hamilton had clearly broken the rules on entering the pits, a reprimand was the "appropriate penalty". The ruling took into account that the driver and team admitted their mistake; that the offence was during a safety car period, when the speed of cars on track is controlled; and that the manoeuvre did not endanger any other drivers and was "executed in a safe way".

We now move onto the Hungarian GP, the last one before the F1 4 week summer break

Race results are:-

1. Lewis Hamilton

2. Valtteri Bottas

3. Kimi Raikkonen

4. Max Vertstappen

5. Nico Hulkenberg

6. Romain Grosjean

7. Sergio Perez

8. Esteban Ocon

9. Marcus Ericsson

10. Brendon Hartley

11. Kevin Magnussen

12. Carlos Sainz Jnr

13. Stoffel Vandoorne

14. Pierre Gasly

15. Charles Leclerc


Fernando Alsonso

Lance Stroll

Sebastian Vettel

Sergey Sirotkin

Daniel Ricciardo

German GP Qualifying

Sebastian Vettel's pole position at the German Grand Prix appeared to underline that his Ferrari is the fastest car in Formula 1, and potentially marked a crucial shift in the balance of performance between the top two teams. Lewis Hamilton certainly faces an uphill battle in Sunday's race, starting from 14th place after a hydraulics failure in qualifying. Hamilton said he would do his best to recover, but felt it would not be as easy as it was after being punted to the back of the field by Kimi Raikkonen on the first lap at Silverstone two weeks ago. Even so, in a normal race Hamilton will surely be able to get back into a strong points-scoring position. Barring misfortune for Vettel, the Briton's eight-point deficit is bound to grow, even if team-mate Valtteri Bottas will be doing his best to disrupt Vettel from second on the grid. Vettel said: "You don't wish anything bad or something like a technical issue to happen to anyone, so it was a shame to see him go out and I mean it. But you look after yourself and try to do the race, which is the most important part of the weekend."

The bigest concern for Mercedes, apart from this being the third serious reliability malfunction to hit them in three races - is Ferrari's performance. In the past Mercedes have been ultra reliable so something is amiss in the "State of Mercedes", to quote the bard! (loosely I admit!)

So the Grid looks like this:-

Front Row:-

1. Sebastian Vettel - 2. Valtteri Bottas

2nd Row:-

3. Kimi Raikkonen - 4. Max Vertstappen

3rd Row:-

5. Kevin Magnussen - 6. Romain Grosjean

4th Row:-

7. Nico Hulkenberg - 8. Carlos Sainz Jnr

5th Row:-

9. Charles Leclerc - 10. Sergio Perez

6th Row:-

11. Fernando Alsonso - 12. Sergey Sirotkin

7th Row:-

13. Marcus Ericsson - 14. Lewis Hamilton

8th Row:-

15. Daniel Ricciardo - 16. Esteban Ocon

9th Row:-

17. Pierre Gasly - 18. Brenden Hartley

10th Row:-

19. Lance Stroll - 20. Stoffel Vandoorne

German GP Practice Day

Red Bull's Max Verstappen is the surprise pace-setter ahead of the two Mercedes drivers in second practice for the German Grand Prix.

Max Verstappen whose team are not expected to compete for pole position with Mercedes and Ferrari, beat Lewis Hamilton by 0.026 seconds. Hamilton, who made a small mistake on his best lap, was 0.225secs clear of rival Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton's team-mate Valtteri Bottas was also ahead of the German's Ferrari. Verstappen's time meant Red Bull topped both sessions on Friday, after team-mate Daniel Ricciardo set the pace in the morning session from Hamilton by just 0.004secs.

Ricciardo, who will start from the back of the grid as a result of grid penalties for using too many engine parts, was only 13th fastest after a late start to the session and a spin, which meant he did not do a qualifying simulation run like the rest of the drivers.

Kimi Raikkonen was fifth fastest although Vettel says they were lacking one-lap performance

so the second practice results are:-

1. Max Vertstappen

2. Lewis Hamilton

3. Valtteri Bottas

4. Sebastian Vettel

5. Kimi Raikkonen

6. Romain Grosjean

7. Kevin Magnussen

8. Charles Leclerc

9. Nico Hulkenberg

10. Esteban Ocon

11. Sergio Perez

12. Carlos Sainz Jnr

13. Daniel Ricciardo

14. Marcus Ericsson

15. Pierre GAsly

16. Brenden Hartley

17. Fernando Alsonso

18. Lance Stroll

19. Sergey Sirotkin

20. Stoffel Vandoorne

German GP Review

Germany makes its return to the F1 calendar with Vettel holding an eight-point championship lead over Hamilton. The German has never won at Hockenheim, taking just one win at the Nurburgring in 2013. Can Vettel succeed where Hamilton couldn't and claim a grand prix victory on home soil this weekend?

Mercedes admit they underperformed in the first half of the season. Team boss Toto Wolff said: "We've left points on the table and had to do damage limitation more than we wanted." He added the team's "own mistakes" had harmed their points haul in the three consecutive races preceding Hockenheim.

So it will be interesting to see what the strategies will be both from Mercedes and Ferrari. Either way it should prove an interesting race.

British GP Result

Sebastian Vettel passed the Mercedes of Valtteri Bottas to win a British Grand Prix. The race was full of action as Lewis Hamilton fought up from the back of the field to take second.

Hamilton drove superbly to recover from a first-lap collision with Vettel's team-mate Kimi Raikkonen, the final race result hinged on two late-race safety cars, when Hamilton's Mercedes team took a strategic gamble. Unlike Ferrari and Red Bull, Mercedes chose not to pit both their drivers for fresh tyres at the first safety car intervention. The decision promoted Bottas, who had run second from the start, to the lead ahead of Vettel, while it gained Hamilton two places on the track, propelling him to third ahead of Red Bull's Max Verstappen and Raikkonen. It was a gamble that paid off for the Hamilton - winning him crucial points in his fight with Vettel and limiting the damage that could have been caused after the first lap incident. But it failed for Bottas, whose tyres were failing and was passed by Vettel, Hamilton and Raikkonen before the end of the race.

So the Double (England into the semi-finals and Hamilton to win the British GP) was not to be, however, we look forward to England playing Croatia on wednesday and the German GP at the Hockenheimring 22 July.

British GP Qualifying

Lewis Hamilton won the battle for pole position at the British Grand Prix, snatching top spot from Sebastian Vettel on his last lap. The Mercedes driver trailed Vettel by 0.057 seconds after the first top-10 shootout runs and saved his best for last. He improved by 0.1secs on his final lap, showing massive commitment through the super-fast corners. With Vettel failing to improve Hamilton took pole by 0.044secs. The crowd chanted Hamilton's name as he did his interview immediately after qualifying, and he sounded overcome with emotion as he recalled his record sixth pole position at the British Grand Prix. "I gave it everything I could," he said. "It was so close. The Ferraris pulled something out and I was just praying I could do it for you guys."

Vettel almost got taken by his ferrari team mate Kimi Raikkonen, but it was not to be Kimi's day. So we have a great line-up for th British GP. Hamilton Pole ( can he make it Six British GP wins?), followed by Vettel, Bottas, Verstappen then Ricciardo.

With England through to the World Cup Semi-Finals can Hamilton make it a Double weekend again!!!

British GP Practice Day

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel was a surprise pace-setter ahead of Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes in second practice at the British Grand Prix. The German was 0.187 seconds clear of Hamilton. Mercedes' Valtteri Bottas was third, Kimi Raikkonen fourth, and Daniel Ricciardo was fifth.

If Hamilton wins on Sunday it would be a record sixth British GP victory, and would take him ahead of Sebastian Vettel in the drivers' championship.

Lewis Hamilton says he expects a "serious fight" with Ferrari at the British Grand Prix this weekend. Mercedes were expected to lead the way at Silverstone but Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel was quickest in second practice. However, Hamilton said: "It's going to be very, very close this weekend. The Ferraris are really fast. We're in for a serious fight, which is great for the fans. I hope we pull through." Vettel said: "They are very strong around here. I hope we can be there." The German was 0.187 seconds clear of Hamilton in second practice. Hamilton set the overall fastest time of the day in first practice, 0.065secs faster than Vettel's fastest lap in the second session.

British GP Review

The British GP this weekend. Can Hamilton overturn his bad luck in Austria and rise to the roar of the crowd at Silverstone and win on home turf? He has always said he likes the Silverstone crowd and it's "Very Special".

Following the crass strategy in Austria Mercedes have ruled out any change to that team.

The word from Christian Horner is that Daniel Ricciardo is close to signing a new deal at Red Bull, stopping any speculation of him moving. Elsewhere, Kimi Raikkonen is out of contract but the team have reached an agreement to promote Sauber's Charles Leclerc to replace the Finn in 2019.

Austria GP Result

Well Max Verstappen did it!!! Did you listen to our prediction and place a bet on him? Wish you did?

Verstappen drove a clean and mature race keeping the charging Ferrari's of Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel at bay. Towards the end of the race there was speculation that Team orders would switch the ferrari's but it didn't and Kimi took 2nd place, a well deserved drive from him and Sebastian Vettel a 3rd place. Vettel overtook Hamilton at one point in the race with an extremely forceful manover, forcing Hamilton almost onto the grass but no damage apart from ego! Then when things started to look up for Hamilton on fresh tyres he had loss of fuel pressue with 8 laps to go and had to retire. This means Vettel now has a single point lead over Hamilton going into the British GP next weekend. Watch this space to see if Hamilton, with the home crowd advantage, can bounce back.

Considering the Mercedes were both on the front row of the grid fate dealt a blow to each of them. Bottas also retired but on lap 14 of 71 with a loss of hydraulic pressure, and Mercedes' strategists failed to react to the imposition of the virtual safety car, which remotely forces all cars to reduce speed, as his car was recovered. Stopping under the VSC costs less time than during active racing and all the leading teams apart from Mercedes took advantage. Mercedes soon realised they had made a grave error! James Vowles, Mercedes Chief Strategist apologised on the radio, Hamilton wasn't too pleased to say the least.

This is the first time a Red Bull has won at the Red Bull Ring so is this the turning point for Red Bull? We are looking forward to the British GP for the next thrilling installment.

Austria GP Qualifying

Well another day of surprises. Austria is building up to be an interesting GP. After qualifying we have a Mercedes front row, followed by Ferrari then Red Bull then a suprise Hass. Bottas is on Pole with Hamilton beside him. Kimi Raikkonen is on the second row with Max Verstappen. Vettel, 14 points behind Mercedes driver Hamilton in the championship, was dropped from third to sixth after being found guilty of blocking Renault's Carlos Sainz. Not untypical of Vettel as he does sometimes drive overly agressive. In the race stewards' investigation into the incident with Sainz, Vettel said that he had not been warned about the Spaniard behind him and could not see him in his mirrors. Given that Vettel is an experienced F1 driver "he should not have been so slow and on the racing line during a slow-down lap". Hmmm makes you think !

There seems to be some discord in the Red Bull camp! A feeling that Max Verstappen is getting more attention than Daniel Ricciardo. The discord seemd to be about who goes in front to give the other a better toe, to increase their chance of a good qualifying lap. Sort it our boys!

Well after the qualifying it's really is anybodies race. Even Vettel could get on the podium, although assuming no pit lane fiascos, it will be difficult for him to get to win. Lewis Hamilt is now 6/5, Bottas is 11/8 and Vettel is 7/1. We think a good each way bet is on Max Verstappen he is the dark horse in this race.

Austria GP Practice Day

Lewis Hamilton was fastest in the 1st Practice period for the Austrian GP. 0.127sec faster than Bottas. Vettel was 4th fastest 0.341 behind Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton continued his dominance in the 2nd practice session. He posted the fastest time with Valtteri Bottas second just 0.176 secs behind. Vettel improved over 1st practice and was 3rd. Daniel Ricciardo 4th ahead of Max Vertsappen and Kimi Raikkonen, 0.686 secs separated the top six cars on practice day

Questions were being asked about which tyre compound would perform, as it turns out there wasn't much difference. The theoretical fastest compound "Ultra-Soft" didn't appear to give much of a performance increase. Let's see in qualifying what the teams go for.

Mercedes have introduced a number of aerodynamic upgrades for this race so the juries out on whether these will make any significant performance improvements, on top of the engine upgrade in France

Austria GP Review

The first Formula One race was held there in 1970. Rindt was dominating the season for Lotus and a win looked on the cards for the Austrian. But to the disappointment of the home fans it was not to be, with Jacky Ickx taking the chequered flag for Ferrari.

After numerous start-line accidents, arguments with local farmers over car parking and a general feeling that the circuit was unsafe, the Austrian Grand Prix at the Osterreichring was finally pulled from the calendar in 1987.

The track continued to hold other events but gradually fell into disrepair until Austrian telecoms company A1 provided the funds to redevelop the circuit. Renamed the A1-Ring, it brought Formula One racing back to Austria in 1997. It would continue to host Grands Prix for the next six years - including the infamous 2002 event which saw Rubens Barrichello hand victory to Ferrari team mate Michael Schumacher within sight of the finishing line - before being dropped from the F1 schedule once more after 2003.

The race should be a great one with overtaking a possibility here! Hamilton benefitted from Vettel's "Red Mist" at the French GP. Can Hamilton continue his run and put more points on the board by the end of the weekend.

Talk in the pitlane is about Ricciardo's birthday and the talks with McLaren and Renault. Raceday for Ricciardo at the Red Bull Ring see's him turn 29.

We have Hamilton Evens (1/1) and Vettel at 23/10. Maybe a punt on Ricciardo or Verstappen at 8/1, or perhaps it's Kimi Raikkonen's turn at 25/1

French GP Result - England Double

Hamiton Wins the French GP and England Trounce Panama 6-1 !!!,

Hamiton 1st, Max Verstappen 2nd, Kimi Raikkonen 3rd,

It was a classic pole to finsih drive by Hamilton, who led fron start to finish. He now moves 14 points ahead of Vettel, who made it difficult for himself by driving in to Bottas on the first corner. Vettel earned himself a justified 5 sec penalty for causing the crash. Not the first time the german has seen red during a race.

French GP Qualifying

Lewis Hamilton won the battle with Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas for pole position at the first French Grand Prix for 10 years. Hamilton beat Bottas by 0.118 seconds. Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel was third, ahead of Red Bull's Max Verstappen. The driver of the qualifying session must be from rookie Charles Leclerc, who put the Sauber in eighth place on the grid. LeClerc, could he be racing for Ferrari next year? Leclerc, a 20-year-old from Monaco and the reigning Formula 2 champion, is a Ferrari youngster who is at Sauber this year so he can learn the ropes. He has been impressive but never more so than at the Circuit Paul Ricard today. He beat his team-mate Marcus Ericsson by 0.8secs for a second time in qualifying, finishing eighth on tomorrows grid, the best starting position of his career. Ferrari are already known to be considering promoting him to become Vettel's team-mate as early as next year and this can only have made those chances greater.

So Hamilton is on Pole with his team mate Bottas in second, followed by Vettel -3, Verstappen -4, Ricciardo -5, Raikkonen -6, Sainz -7, LeClerc -8, Magnussen -9, Grosjean -10, Ocon - 11, Hulkenberg -12, Perez -13, Gasly -14, Ericsson -15, Alonso -16, Vandoorne -17, Sirotkin -18, Stroll -19, Hartley -20(Will start from the back of the grid due to a power unit change).

French GP Second Practice

Lewis Hamilton is fastest in the second practice session for the French GP. He was a massive 0.7 seconds ahead of Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo

Vettel couldn't get anywhere near Hamilton and was only 5th fastest, 1.15 seconds adrift.

French GP Review

It's the return of the French Grand Prix this weekend, at the Paul Ricard circuit Le Castellet. Today’s state-of-the-art venue may be new to younger F1 fans, but Le Castellet can trace its F1 origins back to the early 1970s, when it held the first of its 14 French Grands Prix to date. Constructed in less than a year, and with famous drivers such as Jean-Pierre Beltoise and Henri Pescarolo consulted on its 5.8km layout, the Circuit Paul Ricard – named after its sponsor – opened in April 1970, before staging its maiden F1 race – won by Jackie Stewart from local hero Francois Cevert – the following year. The track would prove a happy hunting ground for French drivers, with Rene Arnoux winning in 1982 and Alain Prost triumphing no less than four times, including the last Grand Prix at the venue in 1990, by which time it was deemed outdated for F1 purposes. In 2016 a deal was struck to return the French Grand Prix to the track, and prior to its 2018 revival numerous modifications have been made to both the circuit and its setting to ensure a suitably stern challenge for the drivers and an equally thrilling spectacle for race fans.

It seems that Mercedes are having a few issues and the expected engine upgrade is not enough in isolation amid fierce F1 development war, warns Bottas ahead of this weekend's French GP. That being said it will be a great race at a great venue. Will Hamilton get back to winning ways? will the engine upgrades be enough to hold off the surging Ferrari's? or could another team triumph. Watch this space!

We have Hamilton at 13/8 and Vettel at 7/4. Maybe a punt on Ricciardo at 10/1, or perhaps it's Kimi Raikkonen's turn at 12/1

Canadian GP RESULT !>

It was a another typical Vettel victory. Vettel pulled away from pole position and entered the first corner in the lead. The Ferrari driver showed the car had the pace required, thanks to some updates, building a gap to pit and comfortably rejoin in the lead.

The reward for a faultless drive was Vettel gaining his 50th Grand Prix victory and the championship lead, overturning a 14-point deficit to Lewis Hamilton to lead by one point.

On paper, this looked like a race that Hamilton and Mercedes would dominate. Hamilton has won six times in Canada in ten attempts. Mercedes had won the last three Grands Prix in Montreal. But they failed to deliver. The team didn’t bring their engine update as planned due to final testing issues. The result was second for Bottas with Hamilton in fifth. Mercedes had their lead cut in the constructors’ championship to 17 points while Hamilton’s 14-point lead was wiped out and he leaves North America trailing Vettel by a point. Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff described his team’s performance as a “wake up call”. Plenty of work to do, then, for the Silver Arrow before France.

Canadian GP Review

With the upcoming Canadian GP this weekend can Hamilton turn the screws and increase his lead in the championship? or will Riccardo continue his form from Monaco. Riccardo has been hinted for a move to Mercedes but that has been said to be unlikely! Who knows anything can happen in F1.

The stinging criticism from all quarters over Monte Carlo's 'driver procession' means Montreal only needs to deliver a small amount of drama to increase interest again. Excitement is something the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve has served up regularly. This artificial island built for the World Fair in 1967 has played host to high emotions and many jaw-dropping highlights.

If Hamilton was to triumph this weekend he'll draw level with seven-time Canada victor Michael Schumacher. No-one else on the current grid comes close to matching these impressive stats. As an added bonus, Hamilton can make his own history by becoming the first driver to score four consecutive pole positions and - if converted - race wins at the Montreal street circuit.

Monaco GP

Well Riccardo put in a steelar drive in the Monaco GP. Despite power problems he held Vettel at bay and gained a well deserved win, at this historic street cricuit.

Some pundits are saying it was more of a procession and not a race! The fault being the current car design and regulations. Perhaps it is time for something to change so we can go back to races where overtaking is possible! never easy but certainly exciting to watch.

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