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Formula 1 2018

Australian GP

Valtteri Bottas wins Australia GP!!!

Valtteri Bottas dominated the season-opening Australian Grand Prix after overtaking world champion team-mate Lewis Hamilton.

The Finn took the lead at the start from Hamilton, who made a slow getaway from pole position, and even took the new bonus point for the fastest lap. Hamilton was left far behind, and had to concentrate on holding off Red Bull's Max Verstappen for second place. Verstappen passed Sebastian Vettel for third on a sobering day for Ferrari. "Why are we so slow?" Vettel asked his team at two-thirds distance. "We don't know at the moment," came the reply. It was an exchange that summed up Ferrari's entire weekend.

Mercedes came to Melbourne thinking they were at best level with Ferrari on pace - and could be as much as half a second a lap behind. But they dominated the weekend from the off, while Ferrari struggled, and were lost for answers as to why.

Bottas made a clean sweep of the race and was comfortably able to grab the extra point that has been introduced this year for the driver who sets the fastest lap, underlining his performance by fending off Hamilton's own attempt to snatch the point.

Race Results are:-

1. Valtteri Bottas

2. Lewis Hamilton

3. Max Verstappen

4. Sebastian Vettel

5. Charles LeClerc

6. Kevin Magnussen

7. Nico Hulkenberg

8. Kimi Raikkonen

9. Lance Stroll

10. Daniil Kvyat

11. Pierre Gasly

12. Lando Norris

13. Sergio Perez

14. Alexander Albon

15. Antonio Giovinazzi

16. George Russell

17. Robert Kubica

18. Romain Grosjean

19. Daniel Ricciardo

20. Carlos Sainz Jnr

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Formula 1 2019 News

Lewis Hamilton top in Australia practice

Lewis Hamilton headed a Mercedes one-two in second practice at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix. Hamilton beat Valtteri Bottas by 0.048 seconds but the two were 0.8secs clear of the two Red Bulls of Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly. Ferrari, who appeared to have the quickest car in pre-season testing, were fourth with Sebastian Vettel. The suspicion is that the Italian team were hiding their true pace before qualifying on Saturday afternoon.

Vettel was 0.8secs slower than the Mercedes on both short, qualifying-style runs and longer race-style runs, which is completely contradictory to their form in testing, when all their rivals felt Ferrari were ahead.

Vettel on the fastest 'soft' tyre was only very slightly faster than team-mate Charles Leclerc on the slowest 'hard'. Kimi Raikkonen was fifth quickest - just 0.099secs behind his former Ferrari team-mate Vettel. That margin added to the suspicion that Ferrari might have been playing games because the margin between Vettel and Raikkonen was smaller than it was on average between them when they were team-mates. So for Raikkonen to be that close in a car that will undoubtedly be slower only emphasised the point that Ferrari can find plenty more time.

Renault's Nico Hulkenberg and Daniel Ricciardo were seventh and eighth, closely matched after the Australian had a tricky day with a number of delays, first due to a technical problem and then the need to adjust his seat to reduce discomfort in the car. Leclerc was only ninth fastest, ahead of the Haas of Romain Grosjean. British novice Lando Norris was 18th fastest in his McLaren, 0.6secs and four places behind team-mate Carlos Sainz. For Williams, it looks like being a long season. British rookie George Russell and team-mate Robert Kubica, returning after eight years away following the rally crash that left him with life-changing injuries, were 19th and 20th. Russell was 0.2secs ahead of the Pole - but they were nearly two seconds slower than Norris. The other rookie, British-born Thai Alexander Albon, had a difficult first day. He crashed lightly in the first session, went off track twice in the second, and ended the day 0.7secs slower than team-mate Daniil Kvyat, who was 11th with Albon 17th.

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Formula 1 2019 News

Formula 1 starts this weekend with the Australian GP, in Melbourne

Formula 1 is set to change its scoring system this year by giving a point to the driver who sets the fastest lap in a grand prix. The move is part of a bid to make F1 more appealing and increase audiences. Bosses of F1 discussed the idea after fan surveys threw it up as one of many proposals that might add extra interest to races. It is expected to be officially confirmed before the season-opening race in Australia next weekend.

The move has been approved by the FIA's world motor sport council (WMSC), a key legislative body, but still needs to be signed off by two further bodies - the strategy group of leading teams, F1 and FIA, and the F1 Commission, a body on which the FIA, teams, sponsors and circuits have representation. The driver with the fastest lap will only be awarded the point if he also finishes in the top 10. Approval is expected to be a formality, especially as the idea was initially discussed by the strategy group and approved before going to the WMSC. It will be the first time a point has been awarded for the fastest lap since the first decade of the F1 World Championship between 1950-59. The feeling is that the change might add extra interest towards the end of a race, when the action can tend to die down following the conclusion of all the pit stops.

Bosses accept there could be negatives to the idea - such as a championship being decided by a fastest-lap point, or a title contender's team-mate, who is not in championship contention, setting a fastest lap to disadvantage a rival from another team. But the feeling was that all teams and drivers would be aware of this issue and any of them could choose to take action. The idea was one of many that were put to fans in surveys conducted by F1 last year. The feedback was that it was an idea worth discussing and F1's senior stakeholders concluded it should be adopted.

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